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Dreamer, storyteller, eccentric message maker. 


Put another way, I'm a creative and quirky graphic designer capable of fashioning a look, whether for an individual or an organization.  I combine graphic skills with creative writing experience and an imagination that borders on the insane.  From logo design and outdoor advertising, photography and photo illustration, motion graphics and simple animation, I have a broad base of skills and experience to bring an idea to life.

What some say about me in 5 words or less:

"Frequently perseveres after others quit."

“Sagacity to solve dilemmas.”

"Good humor; strides towards perfection."

"Hardworking, dependable, diligent, earnest and honest."

"Five words: Intelligent. Creative. Loyal. Whimsical. Out of the ordinary."

(Okay, that last one wasn't 5 words or less, but you get the idea.)

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